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Who We Are

Staffio Search is a Brand Talent Partner. We connect our clients with exceptional people who will power their brand, and we connect brilliant candidates with roles they’ll love in exciting industries

It’s the ‘Candidates First’ philosophy that we believe in. Don’t get us wrong, Clients are equally important. But Candidates come first. We strive to build a healthy relationship with our Candidate/Talent base.

Why Choose Us

In a short span of time we have established our brand as a got to place for all things Recruitment. 

Clients are impressed and our digital presence is fantastic. Yet, we have a long way to go. It’s just the beginning. We want to leave a mark behind – Sweet memories for all our candidates & clients alike. It’s our vision to be ‘Earth’s most candidate centric recruitment firm’ and we invite you to be a part of our growth story 🚀

We are incredible at what we do 🎇 In a short span of time we have established our brand as a got to place for all things Recruitment.

We know that it is not enough to just hire candidates based on their past abilities and proven experience. One needs to choose and select executives who thrive and excel in specific roles and situations and who possess a deep knowledge and insights about industries apart from possessing excellent contacts and a sense of judgement that is in sync with the values and ethos the company.

We constantly engage with Funded Startups and high growth firms to help them take their business to the next million users. 





Values that we live by

A Company’s Purpose Has to Be a Lot More Than Words. We also know that a company’s purpose is more than a mission statement or a vision cast from the C-suite.

So what exactly is our Vision? It's Plain vanilla, no jazz words:

Help everyone around. Stick to our principles, ethics and ensure that no job seeker goes back empty handed. We aim to be positioned not only as a Top Recruitment Firm in the areas we specialize but also Earth’s Most Candidate Centric Recruitment Firm.

Did we hear you say, that’s difficult & crazy? You bet it is. It’s not just difficult and crazy but also insane. And we think that’s why we hire exceptional people who power Staffio HR with charm, charisma and flawless deliverability.

Our Purpose has an emotional connect without which it's useless and just remain on papers

To connect People to what’s important in their lives (Career) through friendly, reliable & trustworthy services. We strive to make a Job seeker’s life a tad bit easier by coaching, mentoring & helping them navigate the horrific recruitment process


Capital Markets, Investment Banking, Accounting, Asset Management


Cloud, Cyber Security, AI, Machine Learning, SaaS, IoT, Analytics, Development


FMCG/Durables, Advertising, Retail, Media, Entertainment, Internet/eComm

Business Services

Consulting & Advisory, Real Estate, Legal



This is by all means, the strongest factor which makes or breaks the deal. Right from market mapping, hiring trends, competitor analysis – we do them all.


Armed with all the critical info, tool & resources, we execute our strategy and send out feelers to our target audience. This step helps us refine our search and connect with relevant talents who are mostly passive


The first 2 steps are now successfully executed. We now have a very strong set of talents who are eager on their next big opportunities.






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There have been fraudulent recruitment activities by individuals posing as Staffio HR/Staffio Search, Employees of Staffio HR/Staffio Search, trying to trick candidates to part with large sums of money by promising them job offers.

Staffio HR/Staffio Search does not charge any fee at any stage of its recruitment process from the candidate

We would like to categorically state that these communications are purely made with the intent to defraud the candidates. The company has not authorised any individual to acquire any kind of payment from candidates, towards our company or towards any individual in the recruitment process.

Please contact us at immediately if you get any such calls/emails