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Top Career Pages (We love ’em)

If you want to attract top talent, you have to show that talent that you’re worth considering as a future employer. Providing your potential candidates with a great experience on your career page can fuel their curiosity, encourage them to apply, and score you a perfect new hire. The talent wars are heating up, and […]
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Employer Branding – A Powerful Tool

In today’s crowded recruitment marketplace, your employer brand is a powerful differentiator.  Employer branding pulls the right people to your company and helps you retain valued workers. Job seekers are judging your talent brand with the same scrutiny as customers evaluate consumer brands before making a purchase – you’re missing a trick if brand is […]
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Power Sourcing – Facebook Recruiting

How many times have you posted your jobs on Naukri, Monster or LinkedIn and waited for applicants to come in? More times than you can i counted we believe. The war for talents is at it’s peak and a post & pray approach adds little to no value if you quest for talents is top […]
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Recruiting Analytics: Candidate Sourcing Metrics

Candidate sourcing metrics aren’t just about ‘open positions vs positions filled’! The ultimate goal of candidate sourcing is to build a competitive edge by bringing in great talent, at a wise budget. To do that, you need to run a complete diagnosis of your sourcing process and find every scope for betterment. Recruiting metrics are measurements used […]
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ATS & Why you should use one

A lot of work and planning goes into your recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. Keeping track of each step — and multiple candidates — can be overwhelming, especially when you’re hiring at scale. In fact, making one hire takes larger companies an average of 94 candidates, and some roles double that. […]
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