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Thousands of jobs are being axed. Many talented folks are clueless on their next job adventure. We get it! It’s super hard

That’s why, we are offering our Premium Services of ‘LinkedIn Profiling’ for Free (till June 15th)

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While the lockdown’s effectiveness is debatable, its overall impact has been debilitating. By May 3, the country’s economy had suffered losses of $234.4 billion, according to an estimate by British investment bank Barclays.

It also fanned unemployment. The country’s job loss rate was 27.11% in the week ended May 3, according to the Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy.

According to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy 27 million youth in the age group of 20-30 years lost their jobs in April 2020 following a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Startups also happens to stride throrugh these challenging times. Over the past four weeks, at least two dozen top companies have fired employees and contract staff. They include Oyo, BlackBuck, BharatPe, Acko, Fab Hotels, Zolo Stays, Treebo, Udaan and Homelane. Others such as Bounce, Livspace, AgroStar, BookMyShow and Droom have cut salaries, according to data shared by Big.Jobs. The salary cuts range from 15% to as much as 50-70%. Some like 91Springboard and Grofers have put a few of their employees on the bench.

Here at Staffio HR, We strive to make a difference. A meaningful impact that would change the employment market, one step at a time. From a very long time we have been inclined towards creating a meaninful relationship with our candidates. Now it’s time to take it a notch ahead.

Everyone of us can contribute in as many ways as possible. Some in a major way, rest in a way that creates a long term strategy. We are happy to Offer our premium services which includes Resume crafting and LinkedIn Makeover for Free through June 15 2020

In this digital age, a LinkedIn Profile plays a vital role in not just a job search but your overall brand identity. It’s always reccommended that you mainatin a neat and active linkedin profile.

Please complete the Contact Us fom on this page and one of our recruiter will connect with you for a familiarization session


Before applying, please take a moment to consider if you really need this. If you don’t need this service and apply anyway, you will likely be taking an opportunity from a candidate who truly does.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service really FREE?

Yes it is. This is just a small step from us to ensure we help as many as possible

Is this for everyone?

This is specifically for candidates who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 

Before applying, please take a moment to consider if you really need this. If you don’t need this service and apply anyway, you will likely be taking an opportunity from a candidate who truly does.

But whatever you say, we take your word for it

Is this service worth it?

You bet it is. There is an entire industry thriving on such kind of services. These companies make millions of $$$ through resume writing and linkedin programs alone. 

Not everyone of us know the trick of trade. Many of us need help & support. Recruitment and Interviews are one such aspect. It sure helps you to get you game going even during the toughest of times

Are there any terms & conditions?

A few important pointers:

1) This is exclusively for talents who lost jobs due to pandemic

2) The resume and linkedin makeover is done only once. No revisions/further edits/tweaks are encouraged

3) Your email id will be included to our talent community group which will give you added benefits. You will receive job alerts, recruitment resources, interview tips and other industry resources straight to your inbox

What is the process to avail this service?

1) Use the contact form to connect with us

2) You will receive an email from our recruitment team requesting for further details and a copy of your resume

3) A quick Telecon is setup to get familiar with your professional journey and aspirations

4) A meaningful resume is drafted and shared with you in 4-5 days (tentative to change)

5) You will also receive a draft copy of your LinekdIn Profile outlining changes/tweaks/addtions if any

** We strive hard to deliver the output in 4-5 days. Given the situation and overwhelming requests which we are receiving each day, the timeline may extend accoridngly**

How many revisions/edits are done after the final copy is delivered?

None! We are careful enough to put all the missing pieces together in the 1st instance. At this time we are not accepting any revisions/tweaks/modifications after the final copy is shared with you

We are in this together. let’s get started

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