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Frequently asked questions

We have put together a series of questions and answers that could help you understand how things work here at Staffio HR

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions which include:

Contingent recruitment: for 1 – 4 vacancies
Multiple hiring: for 5 + vacancies
Contracting: for short-term hiring
Recruitment Process Outsourcing: fully managed recruitment service
Executive Search: specialist head hunting department for C-suite, and functional heads
Employer Branding
Recruitment Consulting
Multiple ways

Use any of the contacts forms on our website
Email us your query
Call us directly on our support number
Request a call back (in contact us page)

A search specialist will then be matched to you based on your needs and get in touch to discuss the vacancy further and arrange a virtual meeting
That's a fine question. Although our average response time is within 30 days, we have completed mandates much sooner as well.

This largely depends on many factors and you will get more clarity during our discovery call
The cost varies according to the requisition and type of recruitment strategy required.

For contingent recruitment, payment is due on the new employees start date. Our Executive Search team mostly operates on retainer basis.

That said, our pricing models are highly affordable without burning a hole in your recruitment budget
This is a subjective question and there is not number we can outline. There are companies hiring for just 1-2 roles while many other hire across the years across roles/functions which requires higher bandwidth and support

For most of our clients, Staffio HR is an highly preferred recruitment partner bagging exclusivity for many roles.

But on an average companies work with 5+ agencies and keep churning them for better ones.

Irrespective of a funded startup or a fortune 50 firm, companies rely on recruitment partners for their efficiency and reach
We can write a book to answer this question (and we are seriously considering it as well) but for starters:

Recruitment Partner as the name denotes are partners who walk the talk. They analyze & advise on various things 'Talents' and Market Conditions to their clients. Since agencies work with multiple companies across industries & sectors, they have an in-depth understanding on the hiring landscape giving them an edge over internal recruiters

Some of the finest agencies are the ones who have mastered the art & science of recruitment. Hiring is super hard and can make or break a deal.

Helps you create a strong employer brand

Invaluable & massive talent pools

Cost effective and doesn't lead to unnecessary leakages

Highly reliable & trustworthy
Please browse through our Careers Page for a curated list of opportunities.

If you do not find anything that's relevant, click on Connect and follow the process to register your profile

By doing this, you will receive instant job alerts & notifications delivered right to your inbox
It's Free

You can apply to as many jobs as you want for Free. We do not charge candidates for a job search
We constantly update our careers page so please keep a tab on the page.

Alternatively, use the Connect option to receive job alerts & notifications
We highly encourage you to apply for relevant jobs which matches your experience/expertise. That said, an average job posting receives 150+ applicants and a recruitment agency like Staffio HR manages multiple roles across clients, industries & sectors.

We review & analyze hundreds & thousands of resumes for niche roles and may not be able to update every applicant on the status.

You should however, receive an email update most times
At the time of registering your profile, we explicitly ask you to grant us permission to do so. By sharing your profile with companies hiring relevant roles, your chances of being shortlisted increases drastically

However, we follow a different approach in Executive Search. All our Executive Search Mandates are discreet. We update you (applicant) first and then proceed accordingly
This could be for any number of reasons. Sometimes clients are specific about industry sector experience.
For example, they might have told us that they only want to see candidates with a certain amount of ecomm industry experience Or a certain number of years in a role/target company.
It could also be based on the
information we have on you, whereby we don’t think that you would be interested in the role.
For example, if you told us that you were looking for a minimum of 40 LPA and the vacancy is paying 35 LPA.
Rest assured if Staffio HR can put you forward for a position, we will certainly do so!
Most of our search mandates are discreet. Companies for many obvious reasons do not want the requisition/company details to be revealed until a certain time.

However, at all times we engage with candidates through calls/emails during which time we talk to them more on the hiring company & their culture. This happens 1-1 (customized way)

Still have questions which needs immediate attention?

We are everywhere – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, eMail, WhatsApp, Slack. Just shoot us a question and we will engage in a conversation

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