Despite the challenges job seekers face, there is a simple truth when it comes to looking for work – employers want to hire you. It is true. Employers want you to be that one successful candidate. This is the sole reason why every employer interviews multiple candidate’s for a job role. They want you to crack the offer. They want you to that purple squirrel. Employers interview every candidate hoping they wouldn’t have to look further. But the reality is different.

Think about it, it costs an employer important time and money to find that superstar which they would have visualized in their own way. It costs hundreds & thousands of $$ to hire a candidate, aka a perfect candidate (if that makes sense). Irrespective, there are a few ways if religious followed, will help you stand out from the crowd & given employers every reason to hire you.

Remember, it’s more of a candidate driven market. You are in the drivers seat. 

Contrary to what many believe, there is another simple truth about employers – most firms in most industries are always hiring, even now. Progressive companies are always looking for top candidates. So, how do you become a top candidate? It is certainly not easy, but well achievable

We have outlined a few pointers which will help you get started. Over time, you will gain mastery over it and of course you could be unstoppable from there on

Homework: This is very important and the beginning for your make or break interview journey. To be the candidate an employer cannot refuse, you need to know an employer inside out. 3 steps to have a great start – Research, Learn & Analyse. Check the company’s website. It’s a treasure trove. Learn about their products/services and market. Get to know about their diffrentiators. Check their management team. Look them up on LinkedIn. Depending on the role you are exploring, dig deeper and lay your hands on any company materials that you can. Analyse how you could add value to their area of operations.

Fitment: Once you learn about your prospective employer, it’s now time to analyze how you fit in that firm. What value do you bring in? Why should this employer consider you over hundreds of others? To be a top candidate for hire, you need to deliberately think about how your skills will fit with an employer. Answering these questions will help you rise to a level to beat out the competition.

Effective Communication (Soft Skills): In this global age, it’s very important for you to have a mastery over English language. Skills such as effective communication, writing and reading comprehension are extremely important to employers. You may be a whiz in multi tier architecture, but if you can’t convey your thoughts effectively, employers get easily turned off. Hone you soft skills and you have another edge over competition.

Confidence and Energy: Have an unstoppable energy. Employers can tell the difference between candidates who are simply looking for a job to pay the bills, or someone who has a genuine enthusiasm and excitement to work for them. Not just employers, even you can spot the difference amongst you friends easily. Why? because it radiates. It’s a subtle energy which can be felt. Let your enthusiasm and passion shine through.

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn: We have emphasized a lot on this aspect in most of our posts. Skills get redundant easily. Skills which were important a few years ago may not play a vital role in the next couple years. So, ensure you have a growth mindset and flexible to learn, Unlearn and Relearn.

There are plenty of jobs out there. Most of the firms are and will continue to hire. It’s you who have to step up your game a notch higher and reach for that dream offer.

Happy Careers

Easy As 1…2…3…

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