Everything around us is evolving and so is recruitment. In fact, Recruitment seems to be a really hard nut to crack. Nothing transformational yet. That’s for another day to brainstorm though.

There was a time when companies had a full control over the hiring process but the situation has changed. According to statistics, the majority of job seekers start looking for a job on Google. Everyone can find any necessary information about any company in just a few clicks: what positions are available, what the workplace looks like, or even what is the salary.

As a result, employer brand is paramount. Recruiters need to think more like marketers to create an engaging, helpful candidate experience.

It’s sad to look around and see multitude recruiters and hiring managers still struck in the archaic age. They are just struck and this makes the entire recruitment process suck, and thus starts the ripple effects of candidates hating recruiters and vice versa.

Let’s understand the base fundamentals of Outbound and Inbound Recruitment

Outbound recruiting is a traditional approach. It involves posting jobs on your website or job boards. Recruiters who stick with outbound recruiting fight for new talent. They search for promising candidates and use any means possible (emails, cold-calling, ads, events) to present them to the company. If recruiters didn’t reach out to the candidates, the latter wouldn’t otherwise think about working in the company or know about it at all. Outbound recruiting implies the company to initiate the contact. Majority of the recruiters fall into this category.

Although this is a traditional approach yet it works wonders. Its effective, dependable and not all hope is lost for employers. Yet, it has it’s own shortcomings. As you already know (unless you are living under rocks) that it’s no more an Employer Driven Market, you may miss out on crucial talents in this approach.

Inbound recruiting creates a remarkable candidate experience through employer brand content and marketing strategies that help companies build relationships with top talent. The ultimate goal is to increase employer brand recognition while providing useful and persuasive content to either: a) teach about the candidates’ field or b) reflect a positive perception of your company as an employer.

To be specific, inbound recruiting is the long term solution to advance your talent acquisition strategy. Thus employer Brand is crucial to help you constantly expand the high quality applicants pool. In fact, various organizations have already chosen inbound recruiting as the optimized strategy. Although it takes business leader quite a lot of time and efforts to see the results, the quality of hire is proved to be improved significantly.

The majority of innovative companies today use both inbound recruitment and outbound recruitment methods. However, the latter method is gradually becoming as a plan B method for recruitment. That is to say, outbound recruiting only applies when you do not successfully attain enough high quality candidates from current inbound recruiting strategy.

Most companies do not have time or resources to pursue effective recruitment strategies.

That’s where top recruitment firms like Staffio Search come into play. We have been in the market doing things which we love for long enough to understand the market scenarios, read candidate’s pulse and see the hiring trends evolve first hand.

We will write more on both the recruitment types and which suite you best in the coming days. We will also share awesome resources and guides which will take your hiring a notch higher

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