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There’s nothing more daunting than looking for a new job. The pressure to find a job and company that fits your life, polishing your resume and LinkedIn profile so you communicate your value, or that anxiety-inducing interview that leaves you wondering if you said the right thing.

Here are a few pointers which job seekers (even the most experienced) face:

  • Submitting the same resume to hundreds of job openings
  • Including irrelevant information on your resume
  • Getting interviews but not the job
  • Not knowing what jobs to target
  • Not having a personal pitch that is all over the place
  • Not optimizing your LinkedIn
  • Not utilizing your network the right way
  • The job search process isn’t a one-step process.

First, you have to strategize and research your target companies. Then, you have to prepare all of your job application materials(your resume, cover letter, website, LinkedIn, social media, and more). And it doesn’t stop there. Once you get that job interview(whether phone or in-person), you have to nail it. Button all that up with a series of follow up emails and thank you notes for one complete job search.

Unless your best friend in high school persuaded you to join his super successful startup right after graduation, in which case you’re probably a millionaire, anyway chances are pretty good you’ve applied for several jobs in the tech industry.

For most technology jobs, the application process is straightforward: you start by sending in your résumé and other materials. If the company likes what it sees, it will schedule a phone interview. If that goes well, you’ll have at least one in-person interview, after which the company will (hopefully) make you an acceptable offer.

But that’s a very simple description of a very complex process. To find a job there are a lot of variables and unknowns when it comes to any career builder type of activities. No matter how good the economy, a job search is always challenging.

Here are some of the finest resources which will accelerate your job search process and helps you put your best foot forward:

Create your STAR stories for your resume and interviews: https://bit.ly/2LPzoTU

6 Steps to Job Search Success: https://bit.ly/3mGDE54

20 Things You Need for Your Job Search:https://bit.ly/38pwZad

LinkedIn’s Job Search Checklist: https://bit.ly/2KMUYYC

20 Point Checklist for an Awesome LinkedIn Profile: https://bit.ly/3mFLpbh


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