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Going beyond transactional recruitment

Our delivery-focused approach to hiring the best talent in tech is designed to save you money, time and resources. It’s the difference between building a capable team versus a team that sets your company and brand apart from your competitors

Talent Acquisition

From heavyweight brands to next gen unicorns, we’re dedicated to helping our clients navigate the tough markets

Employer Branding

A successful employer brand is a foundational element in attracting and retaining the right candidates.

Talent is a business priority

Executive Search

The pressure is overwhelming to find leaders who have the skills and experience necessary to succeed…

We go to market as your Brand Ambassador

The war for talents is heating up and candidates have plenty of choices. We market & sell your vision to top of the line talents

Super Fast

We work at blazing speed. We know time of essence and deliver the best on time, every time

Highly Vetted

We don't rely on post & pray approach. We are strong believers in inbound marketing. We attract & nourish top of the line talents

Passive Talents

Every growth stage startup is eyeing for that 10% talents. Everyone wants them. We go above & beyond to ensure to deliver what we promise

Stick Ratios

Our candidates have one of the highest stick ratios in the industry. Why? Simply because they are as passionate as you are about your vision

No Poach

We have a strong no poach policy with all our clients which translates to - No Churn whatsoever (unlike many out there)


We have mastered the art of getting the passive talents talking. We know what ticks them

Talent Mapping

We make hiring ridiculously easy. Our selection & vetting process is on par with startup environment

Low Cost, High Value

Hiring shouldn’t be a costly affair. Neither should it be cumbersome. Our low cost models help you gain a competitive advantage

We know the talent landscape & have mastered the art & science of Talent Attraction

Exclusive Client Portal

Review, shortlist, interview & communicate with our recommended candidate in a jiffy. Our exclusive portal ensure you get maximum productivity and portrays a strong brand image

Hire with confidence. We help you hire game changing talents

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We help you hire charismatic talents who add to your business