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Case Studies

SaaS Startup on in a high growth phase

Closed multiple technology roles in a just a couple months. We also helped our client hire a Head of Engineering, Principle Data Scientist & a Sales Head


Client had worked with multiple agencies in the past. They all fell short of 1 major trait: These agencies were busy selling candidates to them and not vice versa. 

When Staffio HR was approached we were very clear on client’s expectations through our need analysis. As part of our initial process we started with a in-depth Job Analysis and Job Description traits rather than just taking a brief. Then worked up a Candidate Attraction Strategy and Tailored a Recruitment Campaign 

Client’s Goal

The result of employees, over 115 detailers and engineers, all coming together to solve problem before they arise. the teamwork it demonstrates both internally and externally is outstanding.

  • Through our Talent Mapping process, we identified a few sources which had a strong pool of passive talents
  • Our rigorous personality assessments and interview processes helped client cut their hiring time by 50%

Talent Mapping

Looking at Things Differently. Staffio HR did a rigorous study of the competitors operating locally. We passively tapped into talent pools through various sources

Candidate Attraction

We Leverage our Experience. After an intense brainstorming session with the founders/management team, we went to market as our client's brand ambassdaor. We marketed and successfully sold the brand to our passive talent pool


Realize Collaborate Genius. What's there to worry when we did our homework so well. The results were astounding and we did attract a lot of exciting talents. We interviewed and invited a lot of those talents and the rest is history
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