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Global Technology Firm

A well respected technology firm with a strong background in Trading, Blockchain & Crypto is building a new product focusing on B2B

Roles: Engineering Manager, SDE 2/3, Marketing Head, Head of QA



The product being built is one of it’s kind and the clients had a strict evaluation criteria in mind. Since the go to market was of utmost importance their focus was on hiring talents with relevant experience in Blockchain/Crytpo and certain industry background. This posed a challenge since the funnel had to be redone and our picks were limited to a handful of target companies

We had multiple rounds of video calls and Telcons to get the facts straight. We also advised our client on various data sources pointing to hiring said personnel and helped them reinvent their recruitment process.

We started off with competitor mapping which revealed some surpassing facts. We included those in our search which further refined our process and solve one problem at a time. 

We developed and implemented unique sourcing channels to attract inbound candidates. We contacted handpicked passive talents to know about their keenness.

We had a stunning story crafted before we even started sourcing. The story consisted of vivid details about the Vision and the pain points that our clients are set to solve. We integrated a lot of real life examples to this story as to make it appealing to the passive talents. It took sometime to put things in perspective and start seeing traction. The wait was worth it

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