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Power Sourcing – Facebook Recruiting

How many times have you posted your jobs on Naukri, Monster or LinkedIn and waited for applicants to come in? More times than you can i counted we believe.

The war for talents is at it’s peak and a post & pray approach adds little to no value if you quest for talents is top notch. Recruiters and sources need to throw in a couple extra power punches to nudge candidates and encourage them to apply to your req’s.

In this era of high competition, we urge you to be proactive than reactive. Job boards can take you no where and leads to more time invested, extra monies splurged and adds a layer of extra task for you. It’s only maddening to sift through hundreds of applications each day rejecting one after the other leading to a chaotic atmosphere. 

Apart from buying into the idea of investing in a top notch candidate management tool, we all need to learn the tricks of trade. In this post we outline a proactive approach to hiring bright minds through social media strategies.

Facebook, needs no introduction and you can find most homo sapiens in here. Yes, there are many who don’t even have a Facebook account nor believe that it’s a productivity tool, yet this social media channel is home to billions of people worldwide.

Facebook continues to grow every year since it launched in 2004, in both active users and time spent on the platform. It’s still the most used social platform with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users.

Facebook recruiting is a social recruiting method that is a part of Recruitment Marketing. When we say Facebook recruiting, you probably think of posting your job ads on Facebook. Everybody does that these days. But Facebook recruiting is not just posting your job ads on Facebook! If you want to know how to recruit on Facebook, how to stand out and attract top talent, you need to go a lot further and develop a strategic social recruitment plan. 

There are a few basic things here to help you get started:

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Share your company culture
  3. Engage visitors/fans
  4. Post regularly with engaging content relevant to your target audience
  5. Talk less about your brand and more about your target audience
  6. Build a quality network of brand ambassadors (users/fans)

Once you get the above checklist implemented, attracting quality talents would be on auto pilot mode. Now, let’s talk about sourcing using Facebook

The following are some quick boolean tricks  you can use to target your ideal candidates on Facebook using the X-ray search.

Site: operator – This directs your search to a specific website. To serach Facebook, you can use the site: operator in the following way


You can then follow the operator with phrases to include in your search query. Here are some examples to help you understand how this works. Let’s say you are looking for a content writer, then your search string will look like this:

Site:facebook.com “Brand Manager”

To refine the search to include only people and eliminate agencies or companies or posts, you can further add the phrase “profile photo” in the query. Though pages have profile pictures and cover photos, the phrase “profile photo” in the query ensures your results only list people.

Site:facebook.com “Brand manager” “profile photo”

You can also target people working for a particular company by adding the company name into the search query.

Site:facebook.com “Product Marketing” “profile photo” “Amazon”

The above string will show you a list of product marketers from Amazon. If you would like to target more companies in your search,  use the OR operator.

Site:facebook.com “Product Marketing” “profile photo” (“Amazon” OR “Apple” OR “Google”)

You can use the same logic to filter for people based on location, age, university, certifications, etc.

Note: Facebook Recruiting although a good tool, does not yield expected results for niche roles. It’s worth experimenting with different key words and titles before betting on FB to produce good results