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How To Create A Memorable Candidate Experience

It starts with the first interaction a candidate has with your company as an employer and encapsulates everything up until they are either rejected or accept a job offer. And more importantly, it’s the part of the recruitment process that can either lead to a...

Why you need to partner with a Recruitment Agency

In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate is hard, very hard. This is one of the many reason why ambitious companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them recruit the right people for their open job...

Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2020 Revealed

The results are in: Glassdoor announced which 100 employers made the cut for “Best Places to Work.” The job search and recruiting site compiled the list using reviews and ratings from current employees. Among those reviews, Glassdoor executives noticed a trend:...
How to negotiate your salary?

How to negotiate your salary?

Salary negotiation is a cycle that repeats throughout your career. You interview for a new position, negotiate a job offer, leave your old position or appraisal cycles. Negotiating a better salary is something that everyone should be focused on. Not just you should be...

Inbound or Outbound Recruitment?

Inbound or Outbound Recruitment?

Everything around us is evolving and so is recruitment. In fact, Recruitment seems to be a really hard nut to crack. Nothing transformational yet. That’s for another day to brainstorm though. There was a time when companies had a full control over the hiring process...

How to be the top candidate for a Job?

How to be the top candidate for a Job?

Despite the challenges job seekers face, there is a simple truth when it comes to looking for work – employers want to hire you. It is true. Employers want you to be that one successful candidate. This is the sole reason why every employer interviews multiple...

The Broken Recruitment System

The Broken Recruitment System

The recruiting process is broken from start to finish. The way companies write job ads is ridiculous, ineffective and insulting. The way they screen resumes through mechanical means by searching for keywords is downright idiotic.

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