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Recruitment Consulting

It’s a tight talent market. You need partners who understand your recruitment challenges and how to solve them. That’s where we come in

A successful employer brand is a foundational element in attracting and retaining the right candidates. It boosts morale and engagement for existing employees, and can even influence public attitudes about your company

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Employer Branding. There is not been a time as now to elevate your employer brand. This is the single most important factor in Candidate Attraction
Recruitment Consulting. Right from Work force planning till setting up your recruitment processes, we will be there with you in every step
Improved Execution. It's just not about posting jobs anymore. There is a whole new world of effective recruiting strategy that needs to be implemented
RecTech Culture Add Guaranteed Results

Recruitment is one of the foremost factors determining your employer brand. We help you choose perfect tech stacks from an ocean of technological assets to complement your Hiring Process

We are experts at culture add (not culture match); not only are we able to identify whether the person can do the job based on their competencies, we can also identify whether the person is likely to ‘fit in’ with the organization

Every role is unique, therefore the way we approach every role is unique. Recruitment is part art and part science. We help you understand the talent landscape and thus attract top of the line talents

Helping you craft a strong employer brand

Uncover your employer brand. Discover top talents

Our experts will partner with you to uncover what makes your company unique and help showcase it in the best possible light. Together, we’ll craft an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that’s aspirational, authentic, compelling, and convincing—a brand that reflects both who you are and where you’re going next

Wait. What is Recruitment Consulting?

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting process needs to match the evolving demands of business operations. Having the right partner takes the pain out of process optimization. We help reduce frustration, maximize efficiency and improve the effectiveness of your team

What are RecTech Tools?

Companies use a number of tools to streamline their recruitment process - CRM, ATS, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Video Interviewing, Background Checks, Engagement Platforms & more We have scoured the market and played around with massive number of tools who claim to solve the pain points of recruitment. Trust us - most of them are not even close to what they say.

Why is this important?

Recruitment is an ever evolving environment and it is crucial to have specialised consultants who truly understand your needs and can change as you change. Every day we assist our clients and candidates to have an innovative and effective presence in the “job market” and it is our collaborative approach which results in better placements and better service

How do i get started?

Winning the war for talent is not just about sourcing top talent; it’s about making the right connections and placing people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Contact Us to get the conversation started
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Executive Mandates
Right from seed stage till growth stage – we have worked with companies of all sizes
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Less Hiring Cost
It’s not always about quantity over costs. It’s more of quality that trumps cost
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Impactful Strategies
We either do it or don’t. We don’t waste anyone’s time by promising a land on moon

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Whether it’s sudden growth, high turnover or workforce diversification, we’ll help you attract, engage and hire the right people