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 The Challenge

Challenge & Solution

The most successful companies achieve major breakthroughs with just a small percentage of people driving growth results. It’s that 20% talents who drives a company’s vision crazily ahead. These people are hard to find and even harder to recruit

Pain Point: It’s insanely challenging to target that 20%. How many companies get to successfully onboard awesome talents who would then be a part of their high performing teams? 

This is where we come in to help you: We get that 20% talking. We create a demand and cascade it to those elite few. We hunt for future leaders who would drive your company to greater heights. We take the ownership of helping you onboard top talents who would play an impactful role

Resources & Guides

Talent Sourcing Mistakes To Avoid

Talent Sourcing Mistakes To Avoid

Hiring for a job can be as tricky as acing an interview for a job. Let’s face it, getting the perfect talent – boasting of the required education, with minimum work experience and possessing the appropriate skills for the job – is easier said than done. In hindsight,...

How to create a kickass work culture

How to create a kickass work culture

Every organization has its own distinct culture, shaped by its values, priorities, the people who work there, and much, much more. What’s considered a healthy work culture? It’s one where employees feel valued, safe, comfortable, and flush with opportunity for growth....

Inbound or Outbound Recruitment?

Inbound or Outbound Recruitment?

Everything around us is evolving and so is recruitment. In fact, Recruitment seems to be a really hard nut to crack. Nothing transformational yet. That’s for another day to brainstorm though. There was a time when companies had a full control over the hiring process...

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