It is about finding out who the superstars are, where the rising talent lies and identifying talent gaps and skills shortages

Resourcing is increasingly strategic and intelligence-led. Before making decisions about headcount, planning recruitment activity or committing to a specific search, firms often gather intelligence on the availability and quality of talent.

Talent Mapping is a strategy that researches and identifies where the talent lies in certain companies, industries and geographic locations.

What We Offer


Our Talent Mapping solution allows our clients the opportunity to not only approach passive, hard to find talent but also offers an unrivalled insight into their competitors

Competitor Analysis

Gaining insight into how your competitors organise their workforce will help you to achieve a competitive advantage.

C&B Benchmarking

Conducting impartial remuneration research and benchmarking allows you to understand how salary and benefit packages for specific roles vary between sectors, as well as what the market rate is in your own sector

Brand Insight

You have an employer brand, whether you’ve designed it or not. It is how you promote yourself to the recruitment market, and how you are perceived by employees and potential candidates.

Language, Culture & Development

This is imminet for client, customer and stakeholder facing roles. But we reccomend this program for your entire workforce simply because every employee is your Brand Ambassador

Diversity & Inclusion

Research shows that ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their peers, and for gender-diverse companies it is 15%. How diverse is your firm?

Staffio Search provides a snapshot of market activity and gives a detailed overview of competitor talent landscapes. We also ensure the market is hearing a consistent message about your brand.