In today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven job market, finding and hiring the ideal job candidate is hard, very hard. This is one of the many reason why ambitious companies turn to recruitment agencies to help them recruit the right people for their open job positions.

Best job candidates are passive job seekers – they don’t actively look for a job, because they already have one. This means that posting your open job positions on job boards is by no means enough to attract the best candidates.

You need to formulate a great employee value proposition, craft a job post that will stand out, promote it on various social media and build a perfect career site – all that just to attract candidates and convince them to apply to your open job positions. Once you finally receive applications, you need to spend hours and hours to go through them and find qualified candidates. Doing all that takes time. It is a lot of (hard) work, time consuming, on going process and involves a lot of dedicated resources

It dosen’t mean no one won’t do it. You definetly should and we highly encourage you to devote more time on attracting top talents. But partnering with a Recruitment Firm gives you an edge. Recruitment agencies are professionals who recruit for living. They know the hiring market inside out. They have been doing 1 and only 1 thing their entire lives – Recruitng. This is why they probably already have candidates in their applicant pool who are exactly the right fit for your open job positions. This is a great advantage that can significantly shorten the full cycle recruiting process.
This bring us to the number 1 advantage, which is

Ability to identify talent

The benefit of a recruitment agency is they work with both employers who are searching for talent, and professionals who are on the hunt for career opportunities. As such, they are ideally placed to be ‘in the know’ and operate as an intermediary between the two parties. The knowledge recruitment consultants possess about how to avoid hiring a bad candidate can be extremely valuable; they know who is looking for work, how capable they are, and what sort of a salary expectations people have.

Once an employer has created a vacancy and established role criteria, recruitment agencies can set about finding suitable people for the position. The ‘ideal candidate’ is often the one who is not actively looking for a new job but would be open to one if the right opportunity presented itself. A recruitment consultant has strong networks and a clear idea of where to find these individuals.

Faster hiring

Using a recruitment agency will shorten the time needed to fill your open job positions. You won’t have to spend time attracting candidates and going through tons of profiles and applications to find a few qualified ones. A recruitment agency will do all that and deliver only a few top candidates for your consideration.

Also, a recruitment agency can usually find candidates much faster than you can. This is because recruitment agencies already have a vast talent network. When using a recruitment agency, you can tap into its large talent pool of already vetted candidates. This will significantly shorten your time to hire!

Highly qualified candidates

The third main reason why many companies turn to recruitment agencies is to improve their quality of hire. Using a recruitment agency will improve the quality of candidates in your recruitment process. It means that you will only deal with candidates who are carefully assessed and vetted.

Besides, recruitment agencies are experts in candidate selection. Agency recruiters are professionally trained to assess candidates. They use the best practice methods to differentiate real experts from good interviewees. They also have a vast experience you can benefit from.

Specialist knowledge

Using a recruitment agency will allow you to tap into a specialist knowledge your in-house recruiters might not possess. An in-house recruiter usually has to cover a wide range of different roles a company needs.

On the other hand, most recruitment agencies are specialized in recruiting for a certain industry, role or level. It means that they have better knowledge and deeper understanding of their targeted job market segments. As a result, recruitment agencies can provide you with valuable insight and useful advice that can help you find and hire better candidates.

Extended reach

Some candidates are hard to find. They may be passive or they may be selective. If they aren’t responding to job advertisements, don’t see themselves as part of your ‘talent pool’ and are too busy to search full time then the chances are that they may have relationships with trusted specialist recruiters in your sector. Even if they aren’t currently active, there’s a strong chance that a good recruiter will know who they are and how to reach them. Agencies have many networks – each consultant, candidate, client or collaborator has the potential to leverage their networks to help connect you to people with a range of skills and experiences, many of who would be off the radar of an in-house team or hiring manager.

Help with employer brand

If you chose your agency wisely then they can give potential candidates a real insight in to your business – what it’s like to work there, benefits and career openings available, and a feel for the culture. If you partner closely with agencies, let them spend time getting to know you and some of your key managers, then they should be able to represent you as an employer of choice.

Access to key strategic skills

The number one reason that companies give for using a recruitment agency is to gain short term access to key strategic skills, a reason that been growing in importance over the last 3 years, now overtaking covering leave and peaks in demand. With talent shortages now potentially hindering growth it’s not surprising that this is the case. Whilst some of the reasons I’ve already given may refer more to permanent recruiters, many also offer the opportunity to bring in qualified, experienced help at short notice. These flexible solutions are particularly crucial for a long term project or initiative.
Offer industry insight

Another benefit of a recruitment agency like Staffio Search spend all day, every day, working to provide staffing solutions for organisations across a range of industry sectors such as finance and accounting, financial services, interim management, technology and office administration. As such, they have significant expertise and jobs market insight, internationally, nationally, and locally, which employers can tap into as they plan their recruitment strategy.

Recruitment consultants understand employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impacts of supply and demand on the jobs market as a whole. This means they are ideally situated to help employers make educated decisions, which have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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